“Warsaw Pact”

«Варшавский договор»
80 000 words in Russian
First published under the title «In Charge» (Moscow, Meshcheryakov Publishing House, 2013, 3000 copies)

A Russian Foreign Intelligence officer must urgently find some information on the latest American technology.
An American company CEO must urgently receive a Pentagon order for this technology.
The owner of a Russian hi-tech factory, specializing in the same field, must go to jail for the murder of a girl.
The girl’s boyfriend, an Investigation Committee officer, must find the actual killer.
There is only one man who can help all these people, someone who is not supposed to exist, and who owes nothing to anybody.
That is, until he joins the Warsaw Pact.

Full Synopsis 

The action takes place in present days in several cities in Russia and USA.

In a small industrial town Chulmansk, а loud tragedy occurs: an eldery owner of the city-forming plant kills his wife and almost mortally wounds his young mistress. He is arrested, his plant immediately comes under control of giant Moscow corporations and is being refitted for manufacture of military products.
Young Investigation Committee officer Artem cannot understand how his girlfriend Yulia happened to become the tycoon’s mistress. Artem is not authorized to investigate the murders because he is an interested party, besides, he specializes in economic affairs. However, he initiates some stealthy inquiries and realizes that a year earlier a Moscow state-owned corporation gained control of four plants in different parts of the Russia, while something strange or terrible happened to owners of these plants. Artem comes to a conclusion that the plants and their owners fell victim to a saboteur group acting under orders of the Moscow corporation. Saboteurs ruin businesses and kill people, deftly accusing the innocents. Artem begins collecting evidence although it seems impossible to be used.

wdAt this time, Foreign Intelligence Service officer Leonid contacts Artem. He has orders to obtain information about US-made military systems, similar to those made in Chulmansk. This is an impossible mission, because the Russian spy network in the United States is in shambles. But an unknown “sleeping agent” contacts Leonid and promises to get the needed information in exchange for release of falsely accused tycoon from Chulmansk.

Artem and Leonid each notice that the anonymous assistant helps their investigations very much. He is of Eastern Russian origin, his ties with the Homeland severed, but he changes his mind and starts cooperating after finding out that his last relative alive, the Chulmansk tycoon, has lost his freedom.
Having returned to Russia undercover in a couple of weeks, he surfaces under the guise of a security guard, a waiter, an asian janitor, an old neighbor, an FSB general – all this, to organize his uncle’s rescue using only scheming, gadgets and sophisticated hardware. No one understands or notices anything.
Cross-surveillance, several chases, firefights and a major factory assault involving heavy usage of secret products lead to a happy end. The villains are punished, the tycoon is released from jail and gets his plant back, Leonid gets much-needed information, the mysterious character returns to the US to his dear soccer-playing son, and Artem’s passion brings Yulia out of coma.


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