Shamil Idiatullin is a Russian and Tatar Journalist and writer. He has twice been awarded the Big Book Award (2017 and 2020).
Idiatullin was born in 1971 in Ulyanovsk. He graduated from Kazan State University with a degree in journalism. Since 1988, he’s professionally engaged in journalism. Idiatullin has been among staff writers for the newspaper Kommersant since 1994. In 2003 he started to work at “Kommersant” in its Moscow HQ, where he’s still among contributing editors. He was the head of the Correspondent Network, a political columnist for the “Kommersant-Vlast” magazine, he is currently the head of the Regional Editions Department.
In 2004 Idiatullin published his first novel, a political thriller “Tatar Hit” (original title — “Rucciя”). Leading Russian newspapers and magazines published reviews on Idiatullin’s novels. His books have been nominated for the prestigious Russian literary prizes (incl. “Big Book”, “Natsbest”, “Yasnaya Polyana”) as well as for the genre awards for fiction, horror and children’s literature.
“Journalist and novelist Shamil Idiatullin writes books in a variety of genres – thrillers, fantasy, children’s books, and psychological dramas – that combine a journalist’s attention to detail with a fiction writer’s imagination.” (Read.Russia)



1. “Rucciя”
(published under the title “Tatar Hit”, «Татарский удар»). Saint Petersburg, 2005

2. “USSR™”
(«СССР™»). Saint Petersburg, 2010

– Vladimir Savchenko Prize “Portal. Self-Discovery”, Kiev, 2011

3. “Ubyr”
(«Убыр»). Saint Petersburg, 2012 (under the pen-name Nail Izmaylov)

– Vladislav Krapivin International Literary Prize, Ekaterinburg, 2012
– “Mir Fantastiki” Magazine’s “Book of the Year” Award, Moscow, 2012
– “New Horizons” Prize, Saint Petersburg, 2013

4. “Ubyrly”
(published under the title “Ubyr. Nobody Will Die”, «Убыр. Никто не умрет»). Saint Petersburg, 2013 (under the pen-name Nail Izmaylov)

5. “Warsaw Pact”
(published under the title “In Charge”, «За старшего»). Moscow, 2013

6. “Brezhnev City”
(«Город Брежнев»). Saint Peterburg, 2017

– Big Book Prize, Moscow, 2017

7. “Former Lenin Street”
(«Бывшая Ленина»). Moscow, 2019

– Big Book Prize, Moscow, 2020

8. “The Last Time”
(«Последнее время»). Moscow, 2020

– “Mir Fantastiki” Magazine’s “Book of the Year” Award, Moscow, 2020

9. “Return of «Pioneer»”
(«Возвращение “Пионера”»). Moscow, 2021

10. “Until February”
(«До февраля»). Moscow, 2023

11. “Too Late to Be Afraid”
(«Бояться поздно»). Moscow, 2024

Novellas and Short Stories

1. “Like People Do” (collection of novellas and short stories)
(«Всё как у людей»). Moscow, 2022

2. “Age of Aquarius”
(«Эра Водолея»). First published in the «Znamya» magazine in 2006

3. “This Is Just The Game”
(«Это просто игра»). Saint Petersburg, 2016 (under the pen-name Nail Izmaylov)

4. “Tubagach”
(«Тубагач»). Moscow, 2018