105 000 words in Russian
First published under the title «Tatar Hit» («Татарский удар»). Saint Petersburg, “Krylov” Publishing, 2005, 8000 copies

Deep in the heart of Russia, World War III begins – a new type of war, where everything is decided by media, oil and high-tech weaponry.
The Russian republic of Tatarstan is at odds with Moscow. It comes to the point of an armed conflict, with the UN Security Council involved. But sovereign Tatarstan does not intend to submit neither to peacekeepers of any sort, nor to the superior force of NATO. And it’s not madness or fanaticism – it’s cunning calculation, supported by network of agents, courage and wit (and don’t forget world’s largest strategic bombers).

Full Synopsis 

US President Michael Buchanan, weary of Moscow’s aggressive attempts to create an anti-Western coalition, accepts his team’s offer to use the internal contradictions within Russia to split the country apart, under America’s control. A key role in this scenario should be played by Tatarstan, the most influential national republic of Russia (the Tatars are the second largest ethnic group). Kazan (the capital of Tatarstan) enters into a tough confrontation with Moscow. Tanbulat Magdiev, the President of Tatarstan, refuses to report to the President of Russia Oleg Pridorogin and declares that the Republic will leave the Federation. Witnesses and participants of main episodes of confrontation are journalist Airat Letfullin, secret agent Ildar Gilfanov and police officer Marcel Zakirzyanov.The conflict peaks during an attempt on the Tatar leader’s life by commandos who organise a massacre in Magdiev’s residence. At the same time, a group of the national guard invade the Republic and encounter fierce resistance from the local militia.

Russian President Pridorogin resigns to stop the bloodshed. The acting President, right liberalist Roman Borisov, opens the territory of Tatarstan for UN peacekeepers. But the Tatar Government firmly opposes this decision.

russiyaAt this point, Kazan enters an armed confrontation with Washington. US military power faces cunning, aggressive propaganda and technical finesse of Tatarstan. After ground skirmishes and an unsuccessful helicopter attack, an American group, located in a republic neighboring Tatarstan, causes a massive rocket-bomb strike on Kazan that kills many civilians.

Tatarstan replies to it with the triple attack: it shoots down a US satellite, bombs the neighboring US airbase and attack the White House with Kazan-made BlackJack aircraft (Tu-160), the largest and most powerful bomber in the world. At the same time, Kazan hackers break into the US government website and publish documents confirming Washington’s desire not to help Moscow but to destroy Russia. President Borisov announces the termination of the US peacekeeping operation in Russia and urgent normalization of relations between Moscow and Kazan. Also, journalist Letfullin almost accidentally discovers that presidents Magdiev and president Borisov are friends since childhood, so Moscow and Kazan have been acting in concert all along.

No leading character can enjoy the victory. Journalist Letfullin gets punched by Magdiev because of his careless phrase and vows not to have any business with the officials. Policeman Zakirzyanov loses a friend killed by commandos during their assassination attempt. Secret service agent Gilfanov is shocked by treachery of the leaders who inflicted huge casualties for their political purposes, so he puts poison in Magdiev’s tea – and President of Tatarstan dies at the moment of his triumph at the hands of Russian President.

The conflict is formally over, but each of its sides will take revenge – so adversaries will have to choose between justice and victory.


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